Thursday, 20 November 2014

Shirtstorm Selling Update and Personal Message

Hi There Lovely People!

As promised here is an update for you on the situation as far as remaking the shirt as replicas.

I have been completely overwhelmed with the response from you all that would like a shirt and also the kind messages of love and support for Dr. Matt Taylor.
You guys rock!!

As far as reproducing the shirts I have run into a hitch!

Ok so:
The fabric that I used for Dr. Taylor’s shirt is currently not being produced at the moment but the designer informed me today that they are going to bring it back into production BUT it will not be available till January at the earliest.

I have managed to buy out all the stock I could find from the UK and the USA that will ship to the UK but it is sadly not enough to comply will all the orders for those of you who want EXACT replicas.

I think I will have enough fabric to make around 10 shirts dependent on sizes. If I can get more out of the fabric I have managed to get I will but it will only be an extra one or two.

My proposal is as follows:
To make this completely fair I am going to set up an eBay auction for the replicas.
I won’t make them until auctions have been won and then I can make the shirt to the size of the winning person.
This will take me some time to complete from the end of the auctions but they should be done in time for Christmas.
I would like to donate some of the money made from these auctions to support women in STEM.
How do you all feel about that? I would be interested to know so I don’t make any mistakes!
Any advice on which STEM body would be best to donate to?  
Also if things go excessive as far as the bids and any of the listing go up to £600 plus I will donate ALL the money over this mark on the ones that have to STEM support.

I would like to stress that these are hand-made so there will be slight imperfections and hand-made finishes.

I will be making these myself with no help and am only one woman so please bear with me.

I am looking at getting some manufactured in the original alternative prints and other pin up prints and they will be in my name if you particularly want an ‘Elly Prizeman’ original as such so please let me know.

My proposal will be to offer manufactured ones at a better price and also offer ones that will be actually made by me for a slightly higher cost.

I am looking at creating a range of men and women’s shirt in any of the fabrics available. I am also open to any commissions of other clothing if I am able to make it and will deal with each request personally.

I am sorry that I can’t reproduce replicas for you all at this time! I wish I could and hoping I will be able to early next year.

I would love to hear any comments or suggestions from you guys about what I have said but PLEASE keep it constructive!
I am so new to this and as previously said my home hobby has taken a huge turn and I want to make you all happy!

Please email for any other questions if I haven’t covered any particular query you may have.

As far as the emails I have already received I am taking time to work through these and reply so if I haven’t yet responded to you and you have emailed me I promise you I will by the end of the weekend.

Once again, I cannot thank all of you enough for your amazing messages, comments, tweets and kind words of support.
You are all awesome!
Even though I can’t physically reply to them all I can assure you that I do read them myself and you have all warmed my heart.
I have also been telling Matt (Dr. Taylor) the content of some and we are both humbled and overwhelmed.
Love to all of you!

Elly x


  1. Sounds like you are going to be busy!
    I won't be able to compete in the handmade ebay auction, (I predict you will raise a lot of money for STEM related charities) but look forward to your future designs.
    Thank you so much


    1. Thanks Paula! There WILL be more early next year but reckon the heat will have died down by then. I STILL cannot believe my hobby has turned into this cause of my connection with Matt and that some people are surprised that I spoke out for him. I would fight to the death for him! :-)

    2. Well you posted last year... so are the New fabrics and whatnot in? For a New shirt?

  2. There is already an overwhelming number of scholarships for women vs. the general population all across the academic spectrum. This is true even in fields where men are underrepresented, like medicine. This, even though 3 women earn degrees for every 2 earned by men.

    If women want to pursue STEM, they are already being bombarded with scholarships. It is the only remaining academic area that women are not dominating.

    I recommend choosing something else.

    1. yes I definitely agree here - we need people in STEM fields who are enthusiastic about the work, not because they are being shoehorned in to fill quotas - I feel it's very patronizing to women to say that they can't get in on merit, I'm an engineer and many of the female engineers I've worked with are always disgusted when these organisations undermine the hard work they have put into their field by telling employers they have to hire a certain amount of women whatever their level of skill. maybe you should donate to a charity/scientific field that keeps gender politics out of matters - it is, after all; these patronizing-to-women social justice warriors whinging about "women being unable to join science because of a shirt a man was wearing" that put your friend through this disgusting ordeal at a time he (and his team) was doing something no other human had done before.

    2. I would go further and suggest you don't need to donate to anything at all. Just continue running your business.

  3. Elly,
    Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan! My name is Mike and I have been a Rock N Roll, Punk, Rockabilly, Alternative music DJ/producer for major TV and FM radio stations in this country for over 30 years. Just wanted you to know that you have fans and supporters in Japan!

    You rock! You go girl!

  4. Sounds good, you should go ahead and do that. But I think you could also team up with a company that makes custom shirts and sells them globally at an affordable price. They won't be the exact replicas, and they don't have to be. It's enough for them to look a lot like Matt's shirt.

    This would mean far more people would be able to buy it, which would have two consequences - you'd collect far more money for your donation and there would be far more people wearing the shirts in support of Matt.

    I for one would love to have that shirt, but can't afford to outbid the ten or so most determined and wealthy people on the internet. But if I could buy an affordable version from the original source, at a good price and in support of a good cause, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

    1. Hi! Don't worry there are going to be affordable ones early in the new year once the fabric manufacturer has reprinted the fabric and I have sorted a company to help produce the shirts. This IS going to happen I promise! I have a Facebook page set up now (Elly Prizeman Ltd - #shirtstorm) so like the page and updates on sales will be given as soon as I have it sorted. Trying to move as quickly as possible and hoping everyone doesn't get bored before that! :-)

  5. Hi, thanks for all your efforts and updates. You are to kind. I shared you FB and I think you will have lots of orders come in! Also, if Dr. Taylor decides to quit being a rocket scientist please tell him I might be able to get him a job driving long haul freight here in the US. That is after he passes the driving test of course. Please take care.

  6. The shirt was awesome and you are very talented! That said, I agree with the posters above that a female STEM scholarship. Why exclude the men? Women are being recruited and being given generous scholarships to enter the programs. And I gotta say it-- it was the feminists who pressured Matt into apologizing when all the world should have been celebrating his fantastic and unreal accomplishment.

  7. Hi Elly!
    Great note! And YOU rock for taking these lemons & making lemonade!! I am thrilled this has worked out to be a positive thing for you & Matt.
    I'm a home sewer, too. I'd be happy to help...cut out the pattern pices, least favorite part of garment construction. I've taken enough haute coutre classes to be a fanatic about keeping the grain lines straight!!
    Take care! I wish you all the best!

  8. Hi Elly,

    First of all I agree with 'pancakewizard' in that this is your business and you don't need to donate anything to STEM as I am sure they can manage without your generosity. If you want to donate on a personal level that's up to you, but don't donate just to appease sour antagonists!
    Re eBay, you could put the shirts on at a high 'Buy It Now' price at the same time as holding an auction. Bear in mind that eBay charge you extra for a 'reserve' price, but you can specify the starting bid without penalty.
    Finally and most importantly, you are not a 'nobody', you are a very individual and charming person who has bought joy, colour and fun to an extremely large proportion of the world who really appreciate it, but there are bound to be a few who don't like that. Anybody who succeeds will always have more than their fair share of critics.
    Carry on what you are doing and if I can help with pictures just ask. You are welcome.

  9. Yes I think another poster has said this, but really you know feminists make rather dubious claims about discrimination against women in STEM sciences - and all of a sudden they're asking for more grants specifically for women, positive discrimination encouragement for women in science etcetc

    At some stage people are going to wake up to the fact that this all entails discrimination against men - and if you think gender-based discrimination is wrong then it all seems rather hypocritical.

    There is good evidence to suggest that women quite simply make different career choices from men. If we want equality of opportunity then I'm with you 100%, but if my sons grow up and don't get a job because they are male because of dubious gender arguments from politicians, then I'd be slightly less happy

    Hope you understand. Good luck (and don't spend it all at once:))

  10. Big kudos for taking this cause forward Elly!

    Why not donate say 5% to a non-politicized (and much more needy) humanitarian charity like Women for Women in Africa, or WACIA?

    I would LOVE to buy a t-shirt version in the $30-50 price range! The shirt could appeal to nerds and space enthusiasts along with equal rights & freedom of speech advocates!

    These should be mass-produced for affordability and volume in addition to your hand-made high dollar replicas. You could even offer a more expensive polo version or mass-produced button replica.

    You should launch an Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign!! That would give you up front capital and buyers so you know how many to make! Please respond ASAP with a link so we can share it!

  11. hi are you still making shirts ??

  12. I would definitely like to order a shirt. How do we start? I have some friends that may want some as well. Also, what other shirts do you do, any with similar theme?

  13. Sooo.... Where do i buy them?